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An alliance between exceptional land and the hand of man

Bordered by forests and bathed in light, the Fontainebleau Estate in Provence is an unspoiled Eden; a remarkable land enchanted by an abundance of water with many natural springs, plainly visible in the form of a river, a waterfall and numerous fountains.

This 170-hectare estate (including 38 hectares of vines) is situated on an exceptional terrain made up of red mudstone, a luscious soil rich in aromas that imparts a unique complexity and character in the wine.

An “amphitheater” like aspect accentuates these phenomena by creating a cool microclimate, allowing the wine to enjoy a certain finesse, freshness and expressive balance found in great vintages of Provence.

Olive Oil

Enamored with the olive tree and its fruit, Céline Bouchard chose to undertake growing an orchard with the intention of producing oil. The estate now boasts more than 1000 olive trees which, in good years, yield up to 3 tons of olives. The oil, obtained directly from the olives through various mechanical processes, is extra virgin, cold extracted and of superior quality.

Although produced from olives grown on organic land, the oil does not benefit from the certified label because it is pressed in a communal mill. This does not, however, prevent it from having organic qualities and enthusiasts are delighted by its subtle taste. The oil can be purchased at the tasting cellar, available stock permitting!

Our History

A short timeline



Huile d'Olive

Première grosse récolte d’olive : 2000 flacons en perspective pour 2022.


Agriculture biologique

Obtention du label bio certifié.



Jean Max

Naissance de leur fils Jean-Max et de son millésime éponyme. Passage en agriculture en biodynamie.



Première production de rosé : un millésime presque parfait…



Louis Baptiste

Installation dans la bastide et naissance de leur fils Louis-Baptiste, qui donne ainsi son nom à notre premier millésime de vin blanc.


Acquisition du domaine

Acquisition du Domaine : Terres en friches et maisons à restaurer.

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Wine Glass

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Unique Sorts

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Fine Smell

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Old Habit

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Organic farming

The importance of our terroir is not lost on us - the land, the vines and the climate constitute the basis of our work. With this in mind, viticulture on the estate is practiced in accordance with organic farming standards and in a way that respects our environment and soils.

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Louis Baptiste Blanc 2022

Coteaux Varois en Provence

Château Fontainebleau Rosé 2022

Côtes de Provence

Louis Baptiste Rosé 2022

Coteaux Varois en Provence

Jean-Max Rouge 2016

Côtes de Provence

Château Fontainebleau Blanc 2022

Côtes de Provence

Price per bottle including tax. Wine sold in boxes of 6 bottles. Prices valid through December 31, 2022, stock permitting.

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